Certified Staff Effectiveness Training



This is a 25-hour onsite training provided at your facility. This “Direct Care Staff” training is for any staff that works directly with clients. This training is for direct care staff that works with children or adults in a congregate living environment or community support service environment. This training provides strategies of preventing and defusing crisis situations, methods of intervening using a non‐physical approach, and an examination of staff behavior and its effect on the individuals served.

The state requires all administrators and direct care staff to have initial orientation and training (from 25-40 hours) prior to opening your home.

One Time Certified Staff Effectiveness Training-The fee for this training is $2,000 if being held at your facility. Fee includes training all direct care staff (up to 12 persons) of the agency and my travel expenses to your facility.

Many will be involved in relationship building with the children and youth, teachers, social workers, psychologists, and other therapists. But it is the child care worker who has the greatest amount of interaction and, therefore, potentially the greatest impact.

Certification will improve the quality of residential group care for children and youth. It offers administrators a means of educating workers in a consistent philosophy of child care. And, it strengthens their workers skills and knowledge through a standardized training program.

A certified staff provides evidence of the value you place on the role of the direct care worker in service delivery. It means your staff will maintain a common knowledge base and residential care philosophy with consistently high values and practices. Certification also means recognizable proficiency to placement organizations, licensing and accrediting agencies, funding sources, and the community at large.

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